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Last active October 24, 2022 13:57
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Pulls quotes from an API and displays it on a simple background
const QUOTES_API = '';
const BG_COLOR = "#000000";
const BG_IMAGE = true;
let randomQuote = await loadQuote()
let img = null;
// no-background.js is needed from here if BG_IMAGE is set to true
if (BG_IMAGE) {
const nobg = importModule("no-background.js");
// Bug: for some reason nobg isn't available in the createWidget function
// need to define another variable like this in order for it to work:
img = await nobg.getSliceForWidget("random-quotes");
if (config.runsInWidget) {
let widget = createWidget(randomQuote)
} else {
const options = ['Small', 'Medium', 'Large', 'Cancel']
let resp = await presentAlert('Preview Widget', options)
if (resp == options.length - 1) return
let size = options[resp]
let widget = createWidget(randomQuote)
await widget[`present${size}`]()
function createWidget(dailyText) {
let quote = dailyText.text || "";
let author = `- ${ || "Unknown"}`;
let titleFont = Font.semiboldSystemFont(13)
let txtFont = Font.systemFont(12)
let w = new ListWidget();
if (BG_IMAGE) {
w.backgroundImage = img;
} else {
w.backgroundColor = new Color(BG_COLOR);
let quoteTxt = w.addText(quote)
quoteTxt.font = titleFont
quoteTxt.textSize = 13
quoteTxt.textColor = Color.white()
let authorTxt = w.addText(author)
authorTxt.font = txtFont
authorTxt.textColor = Color.white()
authorTxt.textOpacity = 0.8
authorTxt.textSize = 12
return w
async function loadQuote() {
let url = QUOTES_API;
let req = new Request(url)
let json = await req.loadJSON()
return json;
async function presentAlert(prompt, items, asSheet) {
let alert = new Alert()
alert.message = prompt
for (const item of items) {
let resp = asSheet ?
await alert.presentSheet() :
await alert.presentAlert()
return resp
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You're right the quotes don't all fit into the box, I actually did notice it, I just got lazy and never got around to fixing that issue. I personally use it in a small widget as well. As for the text, you could make it smaller or you could make API calls that specifically check the number of characters in the quote and if it is greater than an X number of characters and is the small widget, then get another random quote, etc! I am honestly too lazy to go implement that, but if you would like, go right ahead!

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