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Last active March 11, 2016 18:55
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Fixing IDE support for PureScript 0.8.2

PureScript includes the IDE tools (psd-ide-server, psc-ide-client) with the compiler package since 0.8.2. The purescript package on npm for version 0.8.2 doesn't ship with psc-ide-* executables. So if you're using PureScript by globally installing it from npm (npm install -g purescript), you may find that your editor integration will not work. To fix this, you'll need to build and install PureScript from sources. It can be a pain to use Cabal for this, so we will use Stack. But since PureScript has not updated to 0.8.2 yet in the LTS Stackage, we will need to tweak the stack's global config a bit.

  1. Uninstall npm installation of PureScript: npm uninstall purescript
  2. Install Stack
  3. In your ~/.stack/global/stack.yaml, add this line: extra-deps: ["purescript-"]
  4. Run stack install purescript
  5. Check that it worked by running psc --version, psc-ide-server.
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