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blacktaxi / gist:1575749
Created Jan 7, 2012
Generating random points inside a circle
View gist:1575749
import random
import math
def rnd(_from=0, _to=1): return _from + random.random() * (_to - _from)
def rectangle_random(W=2, H=2):
return (rnd(0, W), rnd(0, H))
blacktaxi / ruby-fmt.clj
Created Jan 25, 2012
Ruby-like string interpolation in Clojure
View ruby-fmt.clj
; Ruby has an awesome feature -- string interpolation. Read about it on the internet.
; On the other hand, Clojure only has cumbersome Java string formatting, which can not be
; used without pain after you've tried Ruby.
; So here's this simple macro that basically allows you to do most things you could do
; with Ruby string interpolation in Clojure.
(ns eis.stuff
(:require [clojure.string]))
View interpolate.clj
;;; This program was written on recycled memory.
;;; No cons cells were created.
(ns interpolate
(:use [clojure.walk :only (postwalk)]))
(defmacro s
blacktaxi / main.clj
Created Jan 25, 2012 — forked from lynaghk/main.clj
Cassowary constraint solver in ClojureScript
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;;Using the Cassowary constraint solver from ClojureScript
;;This demo shows using multimethods for readable constraint syntax using +, -, and =.
;;Output is a row of circles with random radii spaced so that the space between their boundaries is uniform.
(ns c2.main
;;refer-clojure :exclude is currently broken in ClojureScript master
;;Ticket open:
;;Fix applied here:
(:refer-clojure :exclude [+ - =])
blacktaxi / bells.clj
Created Jan 25, 2012 — forked from jennifersmith/bells.clj
Cheesy Holiday Music and bell synthesis example
View bells.clj
(ns overtone-xmas.bells
( :use []
(def dull-partials
blacktaxi / haskjure.clj
Created Jan 26, 2012 — forked from djhworld/haskjure.clj
useful haskell functions that I can't seem to find in clojure
View haskjure.clj
(defn group [xs]
"splits its sequence argument into a list of lists of equal, adjacent elements."
(partition-by identity xs))
(defn zip [xs ys]
"makes a list of vector tuples, each tuple containing elements of both sequences occuring at the same position"
(map vector xs ys))
(defn lines [str]
"For a given string, split it into a vector using a newline terminator as a delimiter"
blacktaxi / custom-clojure-map.clj
Created Jan 27, 2012 — forked from david-mcneil/custom-clojure-map.clj
Creating a custom Clojure map type
View custom-clojure-map.clj
(ns people
(:use [clojure.string :only (join)]
[clojure.pprint :only (pprint simple-dispatch)]))
;; we can make maps using the special literal form:
{:a 100
:b 200}
(class {:a 100 :b 200})
blacktaxi / fsm.clj
Created Jan 27, 2012 — forked from Pet3ris/fsm.clj
Finite State Machine in Clojure core.logic
View fsm.clj
(ns fsm
(:refer-clojure :exclude [==])
(:use [clojure.core.logic]))
;; Encoding a Finite State Machine and recognizing strings in its language in Clojure core.logic
;; We will encode the following FSM:
;; (ok) --+---b---> (fail)
;; ^ |
View monad.clj
(ns monad-explore.core
(:use clojure.algo.monads))
(defmacro let?
"Almost the same as let. If you add the :ensure keyword paired with
some predicate as a var in the let form, let? will not continue
unless the predicate evaluates to true. (The predicate will have
access to all bindings above.)"
[bindings & body]
(let [[bind [kwd pred & more]] (split-with (complement #{:ensure}) bindings)]
blacktaxi / const-macros.clj
Created Feb 7, 2012
Macros for defining constants in Clojure
View const-macros.clj
(defmacro defconst [const-name const-val]
~(with-meta const-name
(assoc (meta const-name) :const true))
(defmacro defconsts [bindings]
~@(map (fn [[const-name const-val]]
`(defconst ~const-name ~const-val))
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