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Raw results from the package manager tests
npm i - without cache
Total 43.9220s
Total 50.8631s
Total 44.4800s
Total 44.8371s
Total 50.8278s
Total 50.2065s
Total 52.7080s
npm ci - without cache
Total 27.7528s
Total 28.0769s
Total 28.2875s
Total 27.6652s
Total 32.7121s
Total 27.4944s
Total 16.8088s
yarn - without cache
Total 142.8602s
Total 72.3756s
Total 152.0561s
Total 155.5348s
Total 121.0521s
Total 120.2189s
Total 115.7161s
pnpm - without cache
Total 67.5127s
Total 67.3050s
Total 65.3210s
Total 66.1020s
Total 64.5369s
Total 63.3854s
Total 70.0990s
npm i - with cache
Total 72.7380s
Total 68.4725s
Total 65.2142s
Total 48.9145s
Total 86.6509s
Total 82.1129s
Total 74.9365s
npm ci - with cache
Total 0.3222s
Total 0.3212s
Total 0.3386s
Total 0.3365s
Total 0.3370s
Total 0.3318s
Total 0.3104s
yarn - with cache
Total 132.3983s
Total 22.2347s
Total 22.4919s
Total 21.2117s
Total 22.3985s
Total 22.3891s
Total 22.5113s
pnpm - with cache
Total 88.2804s
Total 117.5055s
Total 126.8631s
Total 120.2932s
Total 106.3885s
Total 114.5806s
Total 117.6065s
npm i - without lock file
Total 64.2371s
Total 68.8287s
Total 66.8577s
Total 67.5488s
Total 67.6122s
Total 70.3255s
Total 96.0409s
yarn - without lock file
Total 83.6910s
Total 54.5869s
Total 60.1529s
Total 69.7408s
Total 62.2065s
Total 71.2514s
Total 54.0383s
pnpm - without shrinkwrap file
Total 84.8319s
Total 92.8736s
Total 87.2409s
Total 90.3157s
Total 85.5262s
Total 108.3134s
Total 85.9070s
npm i - with existing node modules
Total 81.3923s
Total 20.9937s
Total 16.9141s
Total 16.9985s
Total 18.0892s
Total 16.3846s
Total 16.3399s
npm ci - with existing node modules
Total 0.2867s
Total 0.3056s
Total 0.3057s
Total 0.3033s
Total 0.3075s
Total 0.2971s
Total 0.3089s
yarn - with existing node modules
Total 0.0072s
Total 1.3206s
Total 1.3114s
Total 1.4199s
Total 1.4345s
Total 1.3984s
Total 1.2677s
pnpm - with existing node modules
Total 1.6947s
Total 1.6922s
Total 1.7073s
Total 1.7490s
Total 1.7835s
Total 1.7324s
Total 1.7059s
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