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I'm getting rid of some stuff, who wants it? Pickup in Vienna's 6th district. Email if you want something! All of the stuff is well cared-for.

Our car! Fotos:

Household stuff

  • Miele washing machine W1749 Softronic. (Very fancy, has a tank for liquid detergent so you don't need to fill in detergent every time you wash). 3 years old, €850,- (original price €1200,-)
blakejakopovic /
Created Dec 3, 2014
Bitcoin Revised doc/



  • The Bitcoin Core GUI can be easily translated into other languages
  • We use Transifex to manage all translations (Bitcoin Project)
  • The languages manifest file can be found at src/qt/bitcoin.qrc
  • Translation source files are located in src/qt/locale/
  • .ts files are generated translation source files
  • .qm files are compiled binary translation files
blakejakopovic / firmata-test-server.ino
Created Sep 23, 2014
Spark Core Sketch for testing Firmata over TCP server
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#include "firmata-spark/firmata-spark.h"
TCPServer server = TCPServer(5678);
TCPClient client;
bool new_client = true;
void setup()
// start listening for clients
blakejakopovic / message-parse.cljs
Created Sep 11, 2014
Clojurescript node.js firmata message parser (incomplete)
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(defn parse-message
"Parses incoming data and emits valid messages"
(let [data (js/Buffer 0)]
(fn [emitter buffer]
;; Append new data to buffer
(set! data (.concat js/Buffer [data buffer]))
;; Remove incomplete messages (ie. not control charactors)
blakejakopovic / SparkFloatToByteTest.ino
Created Aug 27, 2014
Spark Core Float to Byte Test
View SparkFloatToByteTest.ino
float a = 6.7;
float b = 14.6;
float c = 26.3;
byte* method1(float num)
byte buff[sizeof(float)];
memcpy(buff, &num, sizeof(float));
return buff;
blakejakopovic / adapter-example.cljs
Created Aug 14, 2014
Clojurescript clj-firmata WIP adapter
View adapter-example.cljs
(ns testdrive.example
(:require [firmata.core :refer [open-board event-channel]]
[ :refer [FirmataStream]]
[cljs.nodejs :as nodejs])
(def net (nodejs/require "net"))
(defrecord SocketStream [host port]
View firmata-spark-example.ino
#include "firmata-spark/firmata-spark.h"
TCPServer server = TCPServer(5678);
TCPClient client;
bool new_client = true;
void setup()
// start listening for clients
blakejakopovic / cljs-nw-serial.cljs
Created Aug 3, 2014
FirmataSerial Nodejs Clojurescript clj-firmata serial adapter
View cljs-nw-serial.cljs
(ns cljs-nw-serial.core
(:require [cljs.nodejs :as nodejs]))
(def SerialPort (.-SerialPort (nodejs/require "serialport")))
(defprotocol FirmataStream
(open! [this] "opens the stream")
blakejakopovic / sysex.clj
Created Jul 23, 2014
Extending clj-firmata in TestDrive
View sysex.clj
(ns testdrive.sysex
(:require [firmata.core :refer [read-sysex-event consume-sysex read-two-byte-data]]))
(def ^{:private true} SYSEX_TYPE_EVENT 0x01 )
(def ^{:private true} SYSEX_TYPE_REGISTER 0x02 )
(def ^{:private true} KIND_ACCELEROMETER 0x01 ) ;;;
(def ^{:private true} KIND_MAGNETIC_FIELD 0x02 ) ;;;
(def ^{:private true} KIND_ORIENTATION 0x03 ) ;
(def ^{:private true} KIND_GYROSCOPE 0x04 ) ;;;
View definitely_defmethod.clj
user=> (ns there)
there=> (defmulti ^:private doit identity)
there=> (defmethod doit 1 [x] x)
#<MultiFn clojure.lang.MultiFn@d2de489>
there=> (doit 1)
there=> (in-ns 'user)
#<Namespace user>