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Last active September 27, 2016 00:17
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Tips for the Week in .NET

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Mocking on .NET Core

Three major .NET mocking frameworks now have official pre-releases with .NET Standard support:

  • FakeItEasy (nuget feed from AppVeyor CI builds)
  • Moq. Note that there is another "moq.netcore" package from the ASP.NET team's MyGet feed. It is an obsolete private fork meant to unblock testing in the early days before Moq had releases that support .NET Standard. Consumers of the "moq.netcore" package should switch to use the latest official Moq package.
  • NSubstitute

Xamarin App of the Week: SpeechCentral



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devlead commented Sep 21, 2016

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Unity 2D: Checking if a Character or Object is on the Ground using Raycasts

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A simple step by step sample showing how to run ASP.Net Core on Docker: Step by step: ASP.NET Core on Docker


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