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What I Want In A Site Generator: An Essay
by Ben Bleything
Mrs. Anderson's 4th Grade Class
All of the static generators I've looked at so far have some nice
features, but none of them really come together for me. I like what
Jekyll is doing with a flat directory of posts, but I _don't_ like how
you have no control over where those posts go.
Similarly, I like the control I can have in Webby of what files go
where, but I don't want to have to create directories for every blag
I haven't really fleshed the idea out yet, but here's a first stab at
how I'd like to manage my site:
|-- _meta
| |-- config.yml
| |-- layouts
| | |-- post.liquid
| | `-- project.liquid
| |-- sitemap.yml
| `-- snippets
| `-- post_list.liquid
|-- _posts
| |-- 2009-01-01-happy-new-year.textile
| `-- 2009-01-12-i-wrote-a-thing.textile
|-- _projects
| |-- irb.textile
| `-- midiator.textile
|-- atom.xml
|-- css
|-- images
`-- index.html
Things to note:
- with the exception of _meta, there's a 1:1 relationship between the
_<word> dirs at the top level and the layouts specified inside _meta
- anything inside (say) _posts uses the post layout and is available in
site.posts (or similar) inside the templates
- likewise, anything inside _projects blah blah blah
So, from here it looks pretty much like jekyll, right?
Some differences:
- configurable landing spots... want all your projects to be in
/project/<name>.html? okay! blog posts in /blog/YYYY/MM/DD/slug.html?
- arbitrary collections of "dynamic" pages
Anyway, those are just my ideas right now. If there's a system out
there that does what I want, please to tell me!
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