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Jordan Arentsen blissdev

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blissdev / gist:6350d7d1bdc3f8be094c
Created Dec 30, 2015
clojure indentation in emacs
View gist:6350d7d1bdc3f8be094c
@blissdev: I believe you want to set `clojure-defun-style-default-indent` to a non-nil value to achieve this
blissdev /
Created Dec 22, 2015 — forked from mpiotrowicz/
getting started with VoiceOver

A messy intro into VoiceOver - OS X's built-in screen reader


  • works best with Safari!

Getting Started

  • cmd+f5 to turn on
  • Remember the "VoiceOver Key" (VO) opt + control
  • To navigate into a page, VO + shift + down arrow
  • To navigate all page links, hit tab throughout
View gist:f54a72f86bfc3d895c32
The following directories are used by znc-1.0 and
have the wrong ownership and/or permissions:
/opt/local/etc/znc (m=755, o=root, g=root)
blissdev / error.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
transit-js writer issue
View error.txt
{ [Error: Cannot write ]
data: { obj: { property_id: 25, label: 'Age', key: 'age' }, type: '' },
{ domain: null,
_events: { error: [Function] },
_maxListeners: 10,
members: [] },
domainThrown: true }
Error: Cannot write
View bind-match-events.cljs
(defn subscribe-to-match [owner match-id]
(let [pusher (om/get-shared owner :pusher)
previous-channel (om/get-state owner :match-pusher-chan)
new-channel (.subscribe pusher (str "match-" match-id))
events-chan (om/get-shared owner :match-events-chan)
events-list ["draft_character" "begin" "update_score"
"set_turn_number" "add_target" "remove_target"
"change_round" "change_turn" "update_health"]]
(when previous-channel (.unbind previous-channel))
(doseq [event-name events-list]
View cursor.js
function (meta,cnt,arr,__hash){
this.meta = meta;
this.cnt = cnt;
this.arr = arr;
this.__hash = __hash;
this.cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition0$ = 16647951;
this.cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition1$ = 8196;
View example.cljs
(let [c (om/get-props owner)
v (deref c)]
(log v))
; Uncaught Error: Cannot manipulate cursor outside of render phase, only om.core/transact!, om.core/update!, and cljs.core/deref operations allowed
; from line 2
blissdev / client-id-gen.php
Created Oct 27, 2014
Client ID Generator
View client-id-gen.php
echo substr(hash('sha256', time()), 0, 32);
blissdev / error.txt
Created Aug 26, 2014
omelette `lein demo` error
View error.txt
Web server running on port 62635
Mon Aug 25 21:29:46 CDT 2014 [worker-1] ERROR - GET /
javax.script.ScriptException: TypeError: Cannot get property "value" of null in <eval> at line number 52121
at jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngine.throwAsScriptException(
at jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngine.invokeImpl(
at jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngine.invokeMethod(
at omelette.render$render_fn_STAR_$render_to_string__11629.invoke(render.clj:21)
at omelette.render$render_fn_STAR_$render__11631.invoke(render.clj:38)
at omelette.render$render_fn$render__11670.invoke(render.clj:55)
at omelette.route$wildcard_ring_route$fn__11733.invoke(route.clj:163)
blissdev / gist:ead0982d6009cf6eb9d9
Created Jul 11, 2014
light command error after running `light server.js`
View gist:ead0982d6009cf6eb9d9
readlink: illegal option -- f
usage: readlink [-n] [file ...]
usage: dirname path
2014-07-11 00:08:12.366 node-webkit[20895:507] Internals of CFAllocator not known; out-of-memory failures via CFAllocator will not result in termination.
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed for the application /Applications/LightTable/ with error -600.
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