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Streaming Oculus Quest wirelessly over WiFi to macOS (on a MacBook)

Streaming an Android-based VR headset to your computer

Setting it up the first time

The first time you have to set it up with a cable. The Oculus Quest has a USB-C port (the one used for charging). Use this to connect to your computer.

Preparing your Oculus Quest

Your Quest needs to be in Developer mode. This is super easy, just open your companion app on your phone and go to Settings and enable Developer mode. You may need to create an organization first on the Oculus website. You can enter any name you want for the organization.

Installing everything

First you need Homebrew on your system. It's a utility that lets you install a lot of tools from the Terminal. Follow the instructions on (just paste the line they suggest into Terminal).

Next, in Terminal:

  1. Run brew cask install android-platform-tools (Android developer tools)
  2. Run brew install scrcpy (the streaming tool)

(Tip: To launch Terminal, press ⌘+Space to show Spotlight, write "Terminal", then hit Return.)

Connecting Quest to computer

  1. Connect Quest to your computer with cable
  2. In Terminal, run adb devices and make sure you allow computer within the Quest

Next, to enable wireless connections you need to:

  1. Make sure your computer and Quest are on the same WiFi!
  2. Run adb tcpip 5555 to enable wireless connections
  3. Run adb shell ip route to get the IP of your Quest
  4. Unplug the Quest from your computer
  5. Run adb connect <IP>:5555 (replace <IP> with the IP from step 3) to connect to the Quest wirelessly

Streaming video

Just run scrcpy on the Terminal! There are cropping options that you can play with to only show one eye, etc.

Try scrcpy -b 25M -c 1440:1540:60:60 to start. You can play with the numbers after -c (width : height : x : y).

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