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(ns ch3.core)
(defn atom? [e]
(not (list? e)))
(defn wrong [msg] (throw (RuntimeException. msg)))
(declare evaluate)
(defmulti invoke (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod invoke :default [f v* r k] (wrong (str "not a function " f)))
(defmulti lookup (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod lookup :default [r n k] (wrong (str "not an environment " r)))
(defmulti update! (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod update! :default [r n k v] (wrong (str "not an environment" r)))
(defmulti resume (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod resume :default [k v] (wrong (str "unknown continuation" k)))
;; IF
(derive ::if-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::if-cont [k v] (evaluate (if v (:et k) (:ef k))
(:r k)
(:k k)))
(defn evaluate-if [ec et ef r k]
(evaluate ec r {:type ::if-cont :k k :et et :ef ef :r r}))
(defn evaluate-quote [v r k]
(resume k v))
(derive ::begin-cont ::continuation)
(defn evaluate-begin [e* r k]
(if (seq e*)
(if (> (count e*) 1)
(evaluate (first e*) r {:type ::begin-cont :k k :e* e* :r r})
(evaluate (first e*) r k))
(resume k 'empty-begin)))
(defmethod resume ::begin-cont [k v]
(evaluate-begin (rest (:e* k)) (:r k) (:k k)))
(defn evaluate-variable [n r k] (lookup r n k))
(defmethod lookup ::null-env [r n k] (wrong (str "unknown variable " n)))
(defmethod lookup ::full-env [r n k] (lookup (:others r) n k))
(derive ::vari-env ::full-env)
(defmethod lookup ::vari-env [r n k]
(if (= n (:name r))
(resume k @(:value r))
(lookup (:others r) n k)))
;; SET!
(derive ::set!-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::set!-cont [k v]
(update! (:r k) (:n k) (:k k) v))
(defn evaluate-set! [n e r k]
(evaluate e r {:type ::set!-cont :k k :n n :r r}))
(defmethod update! ::null-env [r n k v]
(wrong (str "unknown variable" [n r k])))
(defmethod update! ::full-env [r n k v]
(update! (:others r) n k v))
(defmethod update! ::vari-env [r n k v]
(if (= n (:name r))
(do (reset! (:value r) v)
(resume k v))
(update! (:others r) n k v)))
(defn evaluate-lambda [n* e* r k]
(resume k {:type :function :env r :variables n* :body e*}))
(defn extend-env [env names values]
(if (symbol? names)
{:type ::vari-env :name names :value (atom values) :others env}
(reduce (fn [o [n v]] {:type ::vari-env
:name n
:value (atom v)
:others o}) env (zipmap names values))))
(defmulti unwind (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod unwind :default [k v target]
(wrong (str "can't unwind: " k " " v " " target)))
(defmethod unwind ::continuation [k v ktarget]
(if (= k ktarget)
(resume k v)
(unwind (:k k) v ktarget)))
(defmethod unwind ::root-cont [k v ktarget]
(wrong (str "obsolete continuation" v)))
(defmethod unwind ::unwind-protect-cont [k v ktarget]
(evaluate-begin (:cleanup k)
(:r k)
{:type ::unwind-cont :k (:k k) :value v :target ktarget}))
(derive ::unwind-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::unwind-cont [k v]
(unwind (:k k) (:value k) (:target k)))
(derive ::catch-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::catch-cont [k v]
(evaluate-begin (:body k) (:r k) {:type ::labeled-cont :k (:k k) :tag v}))
(derive ::labeled-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::labeled-cont [k v]
(resume (:k k) v))
(defn evaluate-catch [tag body r k]
(evaluate tag r {:type ::catch-cont :k k :body body :r r}))
(defmulti catch-lookup (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod catch-lookup :default [k tag kk] (wrong "not a continuation"))
(defmethod catch-lookup ::continuation [k tag kk]
(catch-lookup (:k k) tag kk))
(defmethod catch-lookup ::root-cont [k tag kk]
(wrong (str "No associated catch " k " " tag " " kk)))
(defmethod catch-lookup ::labeled-cont [k tag kk]
(if (= tag (:tag k))
(evaluate (:form kk)
(:r kk)
{:type ::throwing-cont :k kk :tag tag :cont k})
(catch-lookup (:k k) tag kk)))
(derive ::throwing-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::throwing-cont [k v]
(unwind (:k k) v (:cont k)))
(derive ::throw-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::throw-cont [k tag]
(catch-lookup k tag k))
(defn evaluate-throw [tag form r k]
(evaluate tag r {:type ::throw-cont :k k :form form :r r}))
(derive ::block-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::block-cont [k v]
(resume (:k k) v))
(derive ::block-env ::full-env)
(defn evaluate-block [label body r k]
(let [k {:type ::block-cont :k k :label label}]
(evaluate-begin body {:type ::block-env :others r :name label :k k} k)))
(defmulti block-lookup (fn [r & _] (:type r)))
(defmethod block-lookup :default [f v* r k] (wrong (str "not an environment " r)))
(defmethod block-lookup ::block-env [r n k v]
(if (= n (:name r))
(unwind k v (:k r))
(block-lookup (:others r) n k v)))
(defmethod block-lookup ::full-env [r n k v]
(block-lookup (:others r) n k v))
(defmethod block-lookup ::null-env [r n k v]
(wrong (str "unknown block label " n r k v)))
(derive ::return-from-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::return-from-cont [k v]
(block-lookup (:r k) (:label k) (:k k) v))
(defn evaluate-return-from [label form r k]
(evaluate form r {:type ::return-from-cont :k k :r r :label label}))
(defn evaluate-unwind-protect [form cleanup r k]
(evaluate form r {:type ::unwind-protect-cont :k k :cleanup cleanup :r r}))
(derive ::unwind-protect-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::unwind-protect-cont [k v]
(evaluate-begin (:cleanup k)
(:r k)
{:type ::protect-return-cont :k (:k k) :value v}))
(derive ::protect-return-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::protect-return-cont [k v]
(resume (:k k) (:value k)))
(defmethod invoke :function [f v* r k]
(let [env (extend-env (:env f) (:variables f) v*)]
(evaluate-begin (:body f) env k)))
(defn evaluate-application [e e* r k]
(evaluate e r {:type ::evfun-cont :k k :e* e* :r r}))
(defn evaluate-arguments [e* r k]
(if (seq e*)
(evaluate (first e*) r {:type ::argument-cont :k k :e* e* :r r})
(resume k nil)))
(derive ::evfun-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::evfun-cont [k f]
(evaluate-arguments (:e* k) (:r k) {:type ::apply-cont :k (:k k) :f f :r (:r k)}))
(derive ::argument-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::argument-cont [k v]
(evaluate-arguments (rest (:e* k))
(:r k)
{:type ::gather-cont :k (:k k) :v v}))
(derive ::gather-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::gather-cont [k v*]
(resume (:k k) (conj v* (:v k))))
(derive ::apply-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::apply-cont [k v]
(invoke (:f k) v (:r k) (:k k)))
(defn evaluate [e r k]
(if (atom? e)
(cond (symbol? e) (evaluate-variable e r k)
:else (evaluate-quote e r k))
(case (first e)
quote (evaluate-quote (second e) r k)
if (evaluate-if (second e) (nth e 2) (nth e 3) r k)
begin (evaluate-begin (rest e) r k)
set! (evaluate-set! (second e) (nth e 2) r k)
lambda (evaluate-lambda (second e) (rest (rest e)) r k)
catch (evaluate-catch (second e) (rest (rest e)) r k)
throw (evaluate-throw (second e) (first (rest (rest e))) r k)
block (evaluate-block (second e) (rest (rest e)) r k)
return-from (evaluate-return-from (second e) (first (rest (rest e))) r k)
unwind-protect (evaluate-unwind-protect (second e) (rest (rest e)) r k)
(evaluate-application (first e) (rest e) r k))))
(defmethod invoke :primitive [f v* r k]
((:f f) v* r k))
(defn primitive [e [name f & arity]]
{:type ::vari-env
:name name
:value (atom {:type :primitive
:name name
:f (if arity
(fn [v* r k]
(if (= (first arity) (count v*))
(resume k (apply f v*))
(wrong (str "Incorrect arity" name v* (first arity)))))
:others e})
(defmethod invoke ::continuation [f v* r k]
(if (= 1 (count v*))
(resume f (first v*))
(wrong (str "Continuations expect one argument" v* r k))))
(def r-init
(reduce primitive
{:type ::null-env}
[['quit (fn [] (throw (IllegalStateException.))) 0]
['car first 1]
['cons (fn [x y] (cons x (if (not (seq? y)) (list y) y))) 2]
['* * 2]
['call-cc (fn [v* r k]
(if (= (count v*) 1)
(invoke (first v*) [k] r k)
(wrong (str "Incorrect arity" 'call-cc v*))))]]))
(derive ::root-cont ::continuation)
(defmethod resume ::root-cont [k v] ((:f k) v))
(def root-cont {:type ::root-cont :f println})
(defn chapter3-interpreter []
(loop []
(evaluate (read) r-init root-cont)
(catch IllegalStateException e
(catch RuntimeException e
(.getMessage e))))
(defmacro ch3-eval [form]
`(evaluate (quote ~form) r-init root-cont))
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Ha! Snap.

I'm going to be fascinated to look through this and see what we've done differently!

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bloat commented Feb 28, 2015

Yours looks interesting. I'd thinking about trying a version with protocols, but went for the quick and dirty approach in the end. Thanks for sharing.

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