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WHITEPAPERS: Smart Contract Protocols
Name Link Whitepaper title
Achain (previously thinkyoung) Achain Blockchain Whitepaper: build to be boundless
Aergo (by blocko) multiple
Aion Aion: enabling the decentralized Internet
Ark A Platform for Consumer Adoption
Avalanche Snowflake to Avalanche: a novel metastable consensus protocol family for cryptocurrencies
Blink Proof-of-stake distrbuted consensus protocol
Byteball A Decentralized System for Storage and Transfer of Value
Cardano Ouroboros: A provably secure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol
Celer Network Celer Network: Bring Internet Scale to Every Blockchain
Chia Beyond Hellman's Time-memory trade-offs with applications to proofs of space
Coda Coda: Decentralized cryptocurrency at scale
Cosmos A Network of Distributed Ledgers
CryptoNear CryptoNear : A Fast Decentralized Protocol for Low-End Devices
DAGlabs Spectre/Phantom whitepapers
Dfinity Multiple
Elrond A highly scalable public blockchain via adaptive state sharding and secure proof of stake
Enigma MPC Enigma: Decentralized Computation Platform with Guaranteed Privacy
EOS eos: an introduction
Ethereum A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform
Ethereum Classic
Gamechain Onchain gaming distribution channel
Gochain Gochain: Blockchain at Scale
Harmony Harmony: open consensus for 10B people
Hashgraph The Swirlds Hashgraph consensus algorithm: fair fast byzantine fault tolerance
Holochain scalable agent-centric distributed computing
ICON ICON: Hyperconnect the world
iOlite Bridging the Gaps with Iolite Blockchain
IOTA The Tangle
Kadena Multiple
Lisk* Lisk Whitepaper
Magnachain Changing the Rules of the Game
NANO (previously Raiblocks) A Feeless Distributed Cryptocurrency network
Neblio Next Generation Enterprise Blockahin Solutions
NEM (permissioned blockchain) NEM: Technical Reference
NEO A distributed network for the Smart Economy
Nervos Nervos CKB: A common knowledge base for blockchains and applications
Newton Newton: Infrastructure for the Community Economy
Oasis Labs Ekiden: Platform for Confidentiality-Preserving, Trustworthy, & Performant Smart Contract Execution
Origo The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications
Particl A Decentralized Private Marketplace
Polkadot Polkadot: Vision for a Heterogenous multi-chain framework
QTUM Smart-Contract Value-Transfer Protocols on a Distributed Mobile Application Platform
Quarkchain A high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional system
Radix Protocol Radix- Tempo
RChain Rchain Architecture Documentation
Skale Labs (layer 2)
Solana Solana: A new architecture for a high performance blockchain
Spacemesh A fair, secure, decentralized and scalable cryptocurreny and smart contracts computer
Stratis* Stratis Blockchain Solutions
Tezos Tezos: A self-amending crypto-ledger position paper
Thunder The Thunder Protocol
Tron Tron
Ubiq* Ubiq in One Page
VeChain Devopment Plan and Whitepaper
Wanchain Building Super Financial markets for the new digital economy
Waves (non-turing complete SC) Waves whitepaper
Zilliqa The Zilliqa Technical Whitepaper
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