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Import to Day One Journal app from MacJournal Export
require "open3"
def readfile(file)
f =
lines = f.readlines("\n\n\n\n")
lines.each do |line|
fields = line.scan(/\s+Date:\s([^\n]+)$\s+Topic:\s([^\n]+)\n(.*)/m)
date = fields[0][0].strip
topic = fields[0][1].strip
text = topic + "\n" + fields[0][2].strip
puts date
puts text
puts "-------------------------------------------------------------"
Open3.popen3("/Applications/Day", "-d=\"#{date}\"", "new") do |stdin, stdout, stderr|
puts "-------------------------------------------------------------"

Heres a sample text file from a MacJournal export:

Date:   March 14, 2009 3:00 PM
Topic:  Rexburg Idaho

Last night we did

Date:   March 15, 2009 3:00 PM
Topic:  Lazy Sunday

Jana woke up


Can you give us an example of how to run this? Also, what format should I export my macjournal in?


We're working on a fully supported Import function. Sorry I'm not able to assist on this one right now.


any chance there could be a way to import MacJournal (or other) CSV? Not so good at ruby and it seems like it wouldn't be that much work but it could take a while to figure out. :)


Perfect, thank you!


cool. I was able to do it with Excel and Applescript. worked great.


I had some serious issues getting this to work, so I wrote my own in python. See


The built in importer does not work. It returns: The operation could not be completed. No other information is available about the problem. Can anyone help?


What is the latest on the MacJournal importer? Will it import the tags and photos used in MacJournal entries?



Thanks for putting this up. The built-in import of MacJournal files dates the entries by creation date, rather than the MacJournal internal date. This gist addresses this, which is nice. However, with the newest version of Day One (1.10.2) the executable you refer to in line 18 does not work. I changed this line to:

Open3.popen3("/usr/local/bin/dayone", "-d=\"#{date}\"", "new") do |stdin, stdout, stderr|

And this appears to solve it.

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