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Created Oct 5, 2010
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import Data.Heap as H
import Data.Heap (viewHead,insert)
import Prelude hiding (id)
import Control.Monad.ST (runST)
import Data.STRef (newSTRef,readSTRef,modifySTRef)
import Data.IntSet (IntSet,singleton,empty,fromList)
import Data.List (elem,delete)
type Vertex = Int
type Weight = Int
-- Assume complete graph
prim :: [a] -> (a -> Vertex) -> (a -> a -> Weight) -> [(Vertex,Vertex)]
prim xs id w = runST $ do
minh <- newSTRef $ H.fromList $ weights start
build minh verts []
verts = map id xs
start = head verts
weights a = [(w a x, (a, x)) | x <- xs]
build mh [] es = return es
build mh vs es = do
h <- readSTRef mh
case viewHead h of
Just (_,(fromE,toE)) ->
if toE `elem` vs then
modifySTRef mh (insertList $ weights toE)
build (delete toE vs) ((fromE,toE):es)
build vs ((fromE,toE):es)
Nothing ->
modifySTRef mh (insertList $ weights $ head vs)
build vs es
insertList xs h = foldl (flip insert) h xs
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