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Last active December 29, 2022 20:34
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Etterna Input Not Working on macOS Troubleshooting Guide


This guide is a list of things to try for fixing non-working input for Etterna 71-72.x on macOS. (not Etterna 70.x) It should be used to debug when neither the mouse nor keyboard work on the main menu, but the game otherwise seems to start correctly without any errors. If one of the mouse or keyboard works, but not the other, this guide almost certainly won't help. Similarly, if the game doesn't reach the main menu for whatever reason, this guide won't help either.

Things to Check Before Other Steps

  • Make sure Etterna has been copied out of the installer dmg, and that the version attempting to run is being launched from the copied-to location, and not from inside the dmg.
  • Make sure that the xattr flag is not present on any of,, or crashpad_handler. Etterna 71.x should automatically remove the xattr flag from and, but might not from crashpad_handler. (If you don't know what this means, skip this. This can also be done after the following steps if you want to save time, but you might have to re-do them after doing this step.)

Manually removing+re-adding the Input Monitoring permission

  1. If Etterna is open, close it. (IMPORTANT!)
  2. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy, and then scroll down to "Input Monitoring"
  3. If there is any entry there for "Etterna" (either, or just Etterna), highlight it and remove it with the minus button on the bottom. If there was nothing there to begin with, move on to the next step.
  4. Click the plus button, and then select "" from where it was installed
  5. Try re-running Etterna, see if it works.

Adding a CFBundleIdentifier to info.plist

  1. This is a slightly-odd fix that's only been required for one-or-two people, but has helped them. Make sure to try all of the other steps above before trying this if you haven't, as they are much much more likely to work.
  2. If Etterna is open, close it. (IMPORTANT!)
  3. Go to in Finder.
  4. Right-click on it, then click "Show Package Contents".
  5. Click "Contents", then open the file "info.plist" in a text editor of your choice, or "TextEdit" if you don't have one. Don't use Word or something, it might do bad things. (Right-click the file, "Open With", "Other...", then select TextEdit)
  6. Search for "CFBundleIdentifier" in the file. If it exists: You should see
    Change it to the following:
    If it doesn't exist: Add
    right after the <dict> near the start of the file. It should look similar to
    if done correctly.
  7. Try re-running Etterna, see if it works.
  8. If it doesn't, retry Manually removing+re-adding the Input Monitoring permission

If You Still Have the Issue After Following This Guide

Try asking for help on either the main Etterna community server or the dev server.

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