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Last active Jun 8, 2022
A Citizen's Guide to Digital Freedoms
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A Citizen's Guide to Digital Freedoms

0: Background

0.0: What and Why

We're about to hand the architecture for a surveillance police state over to new leadership. Some of Trump's language around free speech and free press has been troubling, and a campaign advisor has already threatened a reporter. This seems like an excellent time for us to create nontechnical educational information on how technology can be used to protect citizen's civil liberties.

The goal of this guide is to create lesson plans which nontechnical people can then use to run classes for groups of nontechnical people. This guide will not make you safe. It will increase your chances of remaining safe for longer. If you are running Windows 10, or a Lenovo laptop, please skip to 4.0 for a discussion of your options before attempting to secure these machines.

0.1 Help Needed

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Last active Apr 23, 2021
Privacy Guide for Activists with Haters
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Privacy Guide for Activists with Haters

In light of the gamergate fiasco, we realized that most of the targeted individuals had their private information trivially publicly online. Later, several authors had more immediate experience with online harassment. This guide is meant to help people take basic steps required to protect their online privacy, hopefully reducing the number of crazies who threaten to show up at your house.

We do not believe that leaving your information online means you deserve harassment, we simply wish to arm people who want to speak up with all the defensive tools available.

This guide is not an anti-government-surveillance document, as it only helps you make your information private and does not remove it. Fighting back against surveilance is a very different problem, and there is a separate guide for that.

Hiding Your Whois Data

This one should be easy, but it is the number one privacy failure w