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Last active Mar 12, 2021
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A Very Fast Javascript thread yield (see blog posting)
// See
// This is a very fast "asynchronous" flow control - i.e. it yields the thread and executes later,
// but not much later. It is far faster and lighter than using setTimeout(fn,0) for yielding threads.
// Its also faster than other setImmediate shims, as it uses Mutation Observer and "mainlines" successive
// calls internally.
// WARNING: This does not yield to the browser UI loop, so by using this repeatedly
// you can starve the UI and be unresponsive to the user.
// Note: For an even faster version, see
var soon = (function() {
var fq = []; // function queue;
function callQueue()
while(fq.length) // this approach allows new yields to pile on during the execution of these
var fe = fq[0];
fe.f.apply(fe.m,fe.a) // call our fn with the args and preserve context
fq.shift(); // remove element just processed... do this after processing so we don't go 0 and trigger soon again
// run the callQueue function asyncrhonously, as fast as possible
var cqYield = (function() {
// This is the fastest way browsers have to yield processing
if(typeof MutationObserver !== "undefined")
// first, create a div not attached to DOM to "observe"
var dd = document.createElement("div");
var mo = new MutationObserver(callQueue);
mo.observe(dd, { attributes: true });
return function(fn) { dd.setAttribute("a",0); } // trigger callback to
// if No MutationObserver - this is the next best thing - handles Node and MSIE
if(typeof setImmediate !== "undefined")
return function() { setImmediate(callQueue) }
// final fallback - shouldn't be used for much except very old browsers
return function() { setTimeout(callQueue,0) }
// this is the function that will be assigned to soon
// it takes the function to call and examines all arguments
return function(fn) {
// push the function and any remaining arguments along with context
if(fq.length == 1) // upon adding our first entry, kick off the callback

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@bluejava bluejava commented Jan 18, 2015

I've made a couple optimizations which make it a bit faster. This currently can loop a million times in about 2500ms on Firefox v35 on a 5 year old iMac. Removing ability to pass context and arguments can speed it up even faster - I have a mind-numbingly fast version that executes 1 million loops in about 100ms - will post as separate gist.

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