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Crisp-DM on AWS

Six phase of DM

Phase 1: Business Understanding

Highlight the Critical feature: The people and the resourece involved

Analyzing supporting information


Define the criteria for successful outcome of the project

Create a project plan:

Phase 2: Data Understanding

Data Collection

  • Detail sources and steps to extract data
  • Analyzie data for additional requirements
  • Consider other data sources

Data properties

Data Quality

  • Verifying attributes
  • Identifying missing data
  • Reveal inconsistencies
  • Report solution - list the steps to solve

AWS Services for Data understanding

  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • ASW Glue

AWS Glue

AWS Athena

  • Runs SQL on Amazon S3 data
  • Serverless
  • Schema-on-read

AWS QuickSight

  • A BI service
  • Cheap
  • Use StoryVoard to secure sharing and collaboration


  1. Data- banking.csv
  2. Use Glue Crawlers to turn CSV into column tables


A made table built upon the CSV.

View the data in Athena

View the data in QuickSight Note: No Redshift or any instance are created. Only run in S3.

Phase 3: Data Preparation

  • Final data selection
    • Analyze constraints: size, columns, data type
  • Preparing the data
    • Clean
    • Transforming
    • Merging into one final dataset
    • Formatted to properly work with the model

Data cleaning



Use join and concatenation to merge data. Recommende to revisit the dataset again.


  • Rearrange attirbutes
  • Shuffle data
  • Do proper encoding

Phase 4: Modeling

Work together with the Data Preparation phase

Generate a model testing plan

Another choice to Sagemaker

Phase 5: Evaluation

Review the project

Creating the report is important. In this phase, the team has to make the decision to launch the model to production, or start again.

Phase 6: Deployment

Planning Deployment

  • AWS EC2 - VM setup managed by user and cloud
  • AWS EC2 Container - VM via a docker container
  • AWS Lambda - without having to setup and manange on your own.
  • AWS Sagemaker

Application Deployment

Note: Identify these three services

Infrastructure Deployment

  • CloudFormation Build infrastructure using streamlined template or JSON.

Code Management


Final Report

Output of all above creates the report.

Project Review

Assess the outcomes of the project.

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