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ActiveModel URL Validator
class UrlValidator < ActiveModel::EachValidator
def validate_each(record, attribute, value)
valid = begin
rescue URI::InvalidURIError
unless valid
record.errors[attribute] << (options[:message] || "is an invalid URL")

Thank you. It works perfectly. :)

One issue I am having is that blank urls not validated by presence are still resulting in an error. I'll fork this and see if I can fix it.

mopx commented Oct 23, 2012

@keilmillerjr just add :allow_blank => true

mdoliwa commented Nov 19, 2012

Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

https? unicode? I forked, and cleaned-up a bit, but it's untested - just for discussion sake:

.kind_of?(URI::HTTP) handles HTTPS.

Benjamin Fleischer posted a modified version based on what @timocratic published. He also included an updated version of the spec. An updated fork of this Gist can be found here.

adamico commented Nov 14, 2014

see for a Rails 4 with I18n messages and updated and simplified specs

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