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OneText Founding Design & UX Engineer

We're OneText, a YC backed (Winter '23) startup in the Bay Area, and we're looking for a founding Design and UX Engineer.

Apply here

Email any questions to:

Job description

This is the generalized job description for all engineers at OneText

For this role specifically, we want someone who can act as a founding Design and UX Engineer. What does that mean?

We want you to take ownership of our UX

The entire team has a lot ideas for how our platform should evolve, which are a great launching-off point and will help you get a running start in this role.

But: we want to get to the point where the UX is defined by your vision, where you're willing to fight for that and take complete ownership of it. We don't like things that are designed by committee.

We want you to redefine our most pivotal experiences:

  • Our merchant dashboard, which is the entry point for all of our customers and the first thing we show in sales calls
  • Our checkout flow, which allows every single consumer to vault a card or paypal account and purchase through OneText
  • Our branded messaging experiences (especially MMS and Whatsapp)

We want you to be both designer and ux engineer

We know we're looking for a unicorn. But we also know how slow the feedback loop gets when you have a design team handing off to an engineering team handing off to a design team ad-infinitum.

We want you to be able to come up with a great experience, and make it happen, with no interruptions in your process or endless reviews and sign-offs.

We want to you build something new

It's tempting to copy existing platforms from our competitors. We should constantly challenge that temptation, and build something that is truly unique and the absolute best experience for our customers, regardless of what has been done before.

That doesn't mean we can't learn from everyone else. We can and should. We just shouldn't be constrained by them.

We want you to be a great all-round engineer

Your role will obviously be primarily on the design and UX side. So the table stakes are that:

  • You have a strong design background in whatever tools work best for you
  • You're proficient with React, and writing great reusable components (and tests) that can easily be composed into great experiences.
  • You're an expert in CSS (and/or Tailwind) and in building designs and layouts that look and work great on any device

But: we only hire full stack engineers. This doesn't mean you need to be a Node or database expert. But it does mean you need to be willing to go and learn and poke around in the api when the opportunity arises, or when it unblocks you to build a perfect user experience.

We want you to level up the entire engineering team

Any PRs which touch a user experience, we want you to be there with an iron fist - reviewing them and making sure they're perfect before they go out, and helping us level up.

We want you to turn the entire team into stellar UX engineers.


The kinds of questions we'll ask you:

  • Show us two or three experiences you've built which you're really proud of
    • If you had another 6 months to work on one of them, what would you spend the time doing?
  • What's your strategy for speccing out and building the perfect React component?
    • How do you know when it's too big, too small, or just right?
    • How do you deal with state management? When should you switch from vanilla hooks to something like Redux?
    • How do you deal with accessibility?
    • How do you like to test?
  • What do you think of React? What do you love, what do you hate?
  • What do you think of Tailwind? What do you love, what do you hate?
  • What is your favorite dashboard for any online web based platform? OK to pick more than one.
    • What do you love about it?
    • What would you change if given the chance?
  • Debate me. Let's pick a topic we disagree on and hash it out.
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