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Last active June 6, 2019 23:21
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big_text_bot: Pure text sticker Telegram inline bot.
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
from uuid import uuid4
import time
import sqlite3
import telegram
import telegram.ext
import html
import os
sticker_dump = 0
# Here dumps all the stickers
error_dump = 1
# Here dumps all the errors
def draw(text):
def border(draw, color, border, loc, text, font):
for x in range(loc[0] - border, loc[0] + border + 1, 2):
for y in range(loc[1] - border, loc[1] + border + 1, 2):
draw.multiline_text((x, y), text, font=font, spacing=0, align="center", fill=color)
font = ImageFont.truetype("font.otf", 72)
image ='RGBA', (4096, 4096), (255, 255, 255, 0)); draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image)
sz = draw.multiline_textsize(text, font=font, spacing=0)
box = max(sz) + 40
coord = (20, (box-sz[1]-40)// 2) if sz[0] > sz[1] else ((box-sz[0]-40)// 2, 20)
border(draw, (255,255,255,255), 10, coord, text, font)
draw.multiline_text(coord, text, font=font, spacing=0, align="center", fill=(0,0,0,255))
image = image.crop((0, 0, box, box))
fn = "%s.webp" % int(time.time())
return fn
def get_db(text):
con = sqlite3.connect("data.sqlite")
cur = con.cursor()
d = cur.execute("select * from cache where text = ?", (text, )).fetchone()
if d is None:
return None
return d[1]
def set_db(text, val):
if get_db(text) is None:
con = sqlite3.connect("data.sqlite")
cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute("insert into cache (text, id) values (?, ?)", (text, val))
def get_sticker_id(bot, text):
db = get_db(text)
if db:
return db
p = draw(text)
m = bot.send_sticker(sticker_dump, open(p, 'rb'))
set_db(text, m.sticker.file_id)
return m.sticker.file_id
def inlinequery(bot, update):
query = update.inline_query.query
fid = get_sticker_id(bot, query)
results = [telegram.inlinequeryresultcachedsticker.InlineQueryResultCachedSticker(str(uuid4()), sticker_file_id=fid)]
def error(bot, update, error):
print("update: %s\nerror: %s" % (update, error))
bot.send_message(error_dump, 'Update <pre>%s</pre> caused error <pre>%s</pre>' % (html.escape(str(update)), html.escape(str(error))), parse_mode="HTML")
def main():
u = telegram.ext.Updater("") # Here goes bot token
d = u.dispatcher
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