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ZSH configuration to complete words from tmux pane(s)
# Complete words from tmux pane(s) {{{1
# Source:
# Gist:
_tmux_pane_words() {
local expl
local -a w
if [[ -z "$TMUX_PANE" ]]; then
_message "not running inside tmux!"
return 1
# Based on vim-tmuxcomplete's splitwords function.
_tmux_capture_pane() {
tmux capture-pane -J -p -S -100 $@ |
# Remove "^C".
sed 's/\^C\S*/ /g' |
# copy lines and split words
sed -e 'p;s/[^a-zA-Z0-9_]/ /g' |
# split on spaces
tr -s '[:space:]' '\n' |
# remove surrounding non-word characters
=grep -o "\w.*\w"
# Capture current pane first.
w=( ${(u)=$(_tmux_capture_pane)} )
local i
for i in $(tmux list-panes -F '#D'); do
# Skip current pane (handled before).
[[ "$TMUX_PANE" = "$i" ]] && continue
w+=( ${(u)=$(_tmux_capture_pane -t $i)} )
_wanted values expl 'words from current tmux pane' compadd -a w
zle -C tmux-pane-words-prefix complete-word _generic
zle -C tmux-pane-words-anywhere complete-word _generic
bindkey '^X^Tt' tmux-pane-words-prefix
bindkey '^X^TT' tmux-pane-words-anywhere
zstyle ':completion:tmux-pane-words-(prefix|anywhere):*' completer _tmux_pane_words
zstyle ':completion:tmux-pane-words-(prefix|anywhere):*' ignore-line current
# Display the (interactive) menu on first execution of the hotkey.
zstyle ':completion:tmux-pane-words-(prefix|anywhere):*' menu yes select interactive
# zstyle ':completion:tmux-pane-words-anywhere:*' matcher-list 'b:=* m:{A-Za-z}={a-zA-Z}'
zstyle ':completion:tmux-pane-words-(prefix|anywhere):*' matcher-list 'b:=* m:{A-Za-z}={a-zA-Z}'
# }}}
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Sweet! this improves an already awesome tmux/zsh super power... nice!

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When I play with this, sometimes I get entries in the completion list that contain comical quantities of backslashes.

Any idea what's causing that? This sort of unexpected behavior is sort of making me wary of using this tool because I don't want it to suddenly lock up my machine.

Edit: Okay I think I have an idea of what's causing it. It's the feedback loop of tmux fetching the already seen backslashes and surfacing them as suggestions, thereby doubling (tripling if there is still room in the window) the number of backslashes. When they get left around in the shell scrollback, the backslashes will grow exponentially, but the total quantity will somewhat be limited by terminal window size at least (due to use of tmux capture-pane). This is actually very, very neat and amazingly powerful.

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blueyed commented Nov 8, 2016

@mrbradparks @unphased
Sorry, I was not notified about your comments (can you configure this on GitHub?)

I have updated the Gist with what I've been using since a while.
It is enhanced based on

Check out also vifon/autocomplete-ALL-the-things#20, which reminded me of this.

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@blueyed - the echo on line 27 seems redundant. Thank you for sharing.

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blueyed commented Nov 22, 2019


@blueyed - the echo on line 27 seems redundant. Thank you for sharing.

Fixed - apparently from debugging.

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cpakkala commented Aug 1, 2020

Nice work; thanks. Would be nice if it ignored terminal escape sequences though, but I'm not sure how to encompass them all. A huge crazy regex? For now I just have to either disable colors or live with not being able to complete git output, grep output, etc.

edit - my bad, I just assumed it was the color because non-colored words were working, but the problem was actually words beginning with a period.

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