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Last active Jul 3, 2019
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Senua Eliana Mari

Meaning of the Name


Senuna was a Celtic Goddess worshipped in Roman Britain about 1700 years ago. Her name appears in various forms on the votive plaques, namely Senuna, Sena and Senua, that were discovered 2002 in an excavation. Conceivably it might be related to the Proto-Celtic *seno- ‘old’.

She may have been a water Goddess local to the region. Perhaps she presided over a sacred spring or was a river diva. A sort of local Minerva.

Supplicants also offered exquisite representations of the goddess Victory, with laurel wreath in hand and foot firmly on the world she might help them rule.

The name Senua was possibly wrongly attributed by River Senua mentioned in the Ravenna Cosmography, a kind of gazzeteer created around 700 AD, some 350 years after the date of the offerings now on show.


Female form of Elias. A female given name found in Assyrian/Akkadian, אֱלִיעָנָה (Hebrew), Ηλιάνα (Greek), إليانا (Arabic) and in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Literally it translates from Hebrew as "My God has answered me." (El- [God] elohe-Israel [Eli, the God of the Patriarch Israel]" (Genesis 33:20).), and from Italian and Greek as "Sól" or "Daughter of Sól."


Mari is the Scandinavian alteration to Mary, mother of God, or Maria, which is her mother's middle name. It is a hidden reference to the ocean, maré- or -i in some languages (therefore another reason for the name not ending in "ie") and other disambiguation.

The name may have originated from the Egyptian language; it is likely derivative of the root mr "love; beloved" [2] (compare mry.t-ymn "Merit-Amun", i.e. "beloved of Amun").

Senua Eliana Mari

"Old" "God Answered/Daughter of the sun" "My Beloved/Mary/Sea"

We're certain she will add additional, significant meaning to her names ;)

pkg build --prefix /world <<<EOF
Name="Senua Eliana Mari"
Description="Our beloved daughter"
BuildDate=2019-06-11 10:28:00
Depends=(home>=4.1.0 home-asset-money>=1.0 home-asset-food>=1.0 home-parent-mum>=4.1 home-parent-dad>=2.2 brain-sapient>=19.2.0 love>=1.0)
OptDepends=(home-cat-fonsi home-cat-kazuto babel-lang-de babel-lang-en home-toys)
RevDepends=(world cuteness humor love)
Conflicts=(toilet communication freedom silence)
Repository="'Klinikum rechts der Isar' <>"
Provides=(joy love kickass)
License="Bioware, not for business usage"
EOF | pkg install -

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@blurayne blurayne commented Jun 13, 2019

And for those gamers: yes there is very good game named Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The name sounded good so it was placed on a list containing several other names. The names
the were selected from the list were in consent with each other and her mother's baby name list, tested against several criteria like sounding, spelling, meaning, usage in pop culture and historical importance. We tried to call her by the chosen names. Unfortunately we were stuck at the first name.

The names were tested against several Kevin-o-Meters.

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