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Last active February 14, 2023 18:02
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Maps with default values in Clojure
(ns default-maps
"Maps with default values, similar to how you can specify default values and blocks to Ruby's Hash.
user> (def b (assoc-default {:foo 34 :bar 34} (fn [_ k] (str k))))
user> (get b :foo-bar)
user> (def m (assoc-default {:foo 34 :bar 34} 343))
user> (get m :not-here)
user> (get m :foo)
;; [potemkin "0.3.0-SNAPSHOT"]
(:require potemkin))
(potemkin/def-map-type MapWithDefault [m map-default]
(get [_ k default-value]
(if (contains? m k)
(get m k)
(or default-value map-default)))
(assoc [_ k v]
(MapWithDefault. (assoc m k v) map-default))
(dissoc [_ k]
(MapWithDefault. (dissoc m k) map-default))
(keys [_]
(keys m)))
(potemkin/def-map-type MapWithDefaultFn [m map-default-fn]
(get [_ k default-value]
(if (contains? m k)
(get m k)
(or default-value (map-default-fn m k))))
(assoc [_ k v]
(MapWithDefaultFn. (assoc m k v) map-default-fn))
(dissoc [_ k]
(MapWithDefaultFn. (dissoc m k) map-default-fn))
(keys [_]
(keys m)))
(defn assoc-default [m default]
(if (fn? default)
(MapWithDefaultFn. m default)
(MapWithDefault. m default)))
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