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Build openssl (with SSLv2/3 support for security testing)
# Cache sudo password
sudo -v
# Get latest OpenSSL 1.0.2 version from
# v1.1.0 seems to have removed SSLv2/3 support
# Install build dependencies
sudo apt -y install build-essential
# Build OpenSSL
tar -xvf openssl-$openssl_version.tar.gz
cd openssl-$openssl_version
# --prefix will make sure that make install copies the files locally instead of system-wide
# --openssldir will make sure that the binary will look in the regular system location for openssl.cnf
# no-shared builds a mostly static binary
./config --prefix=`pwd`/local --openssldir=/usr/lib/ssl enable-ssl2 enable-ssl3 no-shared
make depend
# -i continues on errors, since make install may try to put some files in /usr/lib/ssl, which we don't want
make -i install
# Install just the binary so we can use s_client -ssl2
mkdir -p ~/bin
sudo cp local/bin/openssl ~/bin/
# Cleanup
cd ..
rm -rf openssl-$openssl_version
rm openssl-$openssl_version.tar.gz
# (Optional) start a new login shell (to add ~/bin to the path, if necessary)
bash -l
# To test:
# $ openssl s_client -connect -ssl2 >/dev/null
# 139675635414688:error:1407F0E5:SSL routines:ssl2_write:ssl handshake failure:s2_pkt.c:412:
# $ openssl s_client -connect -ssl3 >/dev/null
# 140647504119456:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number:s3_pkt.c:365:
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Worked great.
Any way I can enable ssl2/3 from this while using anlutro/php-curl?

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bmaupin commented Aug 30, 2018

@scrapewww I have no idea. It might be best to ask the maintainers of that project.

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Thank you very much for this script and for your answer on AskUbuntu (! It saved me a bunch of time.

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NyaMisty commented Jan 7, 2020

Note: you should first install prerequisites of compiling OpenSSL before all:
For ubuntu 18.04:

# perl modules, makedepends and gcc
sudo apt-get install make libtext-template-perl xutils-dev gcc

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bmaupin commented Feb 20, 2020

@NyaMisty Thanks for the suggestion! It seems the libtext and xutils packages aren't actually needed for this particular purpose, so I added a step to install build-essential instead.

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