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View fulcrum-topojson.js
Copyright (c) 2012, Michael Bostock
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
View fulcrum-turf.js
javascript.util is a port of selected parts of java.util to JavaScript which
main purpose is to ease porting Java code to JavaScript.
The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (C) 2011-2014 by The Authors
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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move /Y ad0c334e-b57f-471f-89f1-2ca17988b74c.jpg photos-a
move /Y 88e60f5c-15e9-4d68-8e79-4b659f66157b.jpg photos-a
move /Y 4da2cd00-d3a7-4468-997e-042303dc7137.jpg photos-a
move /Y bc0edbe2-45b0-4ad5-9b35-a8c3e623634d.jpg photos-a
move /Y 9fa41b28-24c8-4f8f-abf5-08604a043d13.jpg photos-a
move /Y e28c7d9c-06af-43bc-8f8c-1862f0bc6642.jpg photos-a
move /Y 95360e82-f6a5-46ce-b33d-58a8f571fe11.jpg photos-b
move /Y cb39737a-a3ed-4240-91ff-d967c8151ab9.jpg photos-b
move /Y 2be31a26-a482-4802-81e9-478e5cc676e9.jpg photos-b
move /Y 4b4aeba8-7d78-4a41-9c61-b5bd60a484b2.jpg photos-b
View fulcrum-data-share-cartodb-webhook.js
function doPost(e){
return handleResponse(e);
function handleResponse(e) {
var jsonString = e.postData.getDataAsString();
var payload = JSON.parse(jsonString);
var formId = "my-form-id";
var shareToken = "my-data-share-token";
var cartodbTable = "my-cartodb-table";
import csv
from fulcrum import Fulcrum
from fulcrum.exceptions import NotFoundException
api_key = 'your-api-key'
form_id = 'your-form-id'
fulcrum = Fulcrum(key=api_key)
updates = csv.reader(open('record-updates.csv'), delimiter=',')
# skip header
View fulcrum_mysql_webhook.php
* Title: Fulcrum Webhook for syncing data shares to MySQL database
* Notes: Requires PHP with PDO & allow_url_fopen enabled
* Author: Bryan R. McBride
* Source:
# Fulcrum app information
$formID = 'your-fulcrum-form-id';
[ ! -f $INPUT ] && { echo "$INPUT file not found"; exit 99; }
while read -a csv_line
mv ${csv_line[0]}.pdf ${csv_line[8]}-${csv_line[0]}.pdf
done < $INPUT
import sys
import urllib2
from fulcrum import Fulcrum
api_key = raw_input('api_key:')
form_id = raw_input('form_id:')
if api_key == '' or api_key == 'your_api_key' or form_id == '' or form_id == 'your_form_id':
sys.exit('api_key and form_id are required!')
View find-in-json.js
//return an array of objects according to key, value, or key and value matching
function getObjects(obj, key, val) {
var objects = [];
for (var i in obj) {
if (!obj.hasOwnProperty(i)) continue;
if (typeof obj[i] == 'object') {
objects = objects.concat(getObjects(obj[i], key, val));
} else
//if key matches and value matches or if key matches and value is not passed (eliminating the case where key matches but passed value does not)
if (i == key && obj[i] == val || i == key && val == '') { //
View fulcrum_classification_set_example.json
"classification_set": {
"name": "Agricultural Products",
"description": "A list of common agricultural products",
"items": [
"label": "cereals",
"value": "cereals",
"child_classifications": [
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