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All the pull requests merged during the @DutchDjango sprint of 2014
b1d1020 Added tests for django.contrib.admindocs
e1d2a0b added documentation on Model attributes
b645be8 Fixed #22063 -- Added reference to NoReverseMatch from the reverse() documentation
6d18ab0 Removed incorrect statement from docstring
072fb92 Fixed #21881 -- Clarify behavior of {% ssi %} template tag.
202bf69 Fixed #22095 -- Enabled backward migrations for RunPython operations
b887408 Fixed #22113 -- changed object_name to model_name in CBV docs.
7e1376c Fixed #21741 -- Fixed render_to_string to stop pushing empty dictionaries to its Context
ede99f0 Fixed #22032 -- added documentation for settings.MIGRATION_MODULES
271929d Fixed #22092 -- Documented ResolverMatch.view_name
8cd32f0 Fixed #22120 -- Documented persistent activation of languages and cleaned up language session key use
09b725f Fixed #21902 -- Documented search order for list_display.
98f1376 Fixed #22123 -- EmailValidator now also accepts IPv6 literals in addresses
173aa51 Fixed #21435 -- Improved error message when urlconf is empty.
d399731 Fixed #22007 -- Fixed cbv docs - make imports consistent
578bdb5 Added tests and minified javascript missing in 83a3add4bed8d8d49f93b30c817c66908b0a26ba.
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