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Created January 4, 2012 00:48
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Clueless Recruiter
From: Matthew Greenburg <>
CC: Carl Narcisse <>
My name is Matt Greenburg with Astreya Partners, an IT staffing company in Santa Clara. We bring on full time employees of Astreya to work on-site at our clients' locations. I came across your resume and was wondering if you were entertaining new career opportunities at this time. I think you would be a great fit for a position we have open as a Web Application Developer, Ruby on Rails.This position is located in Cupertino, CA at a large very well known company. Think big!
Web Application Developer, Ruby on Rails
Successful team members must be able to document, design, develop, validate and maintain complete solutions to specific business needs with minimal supervisory input in a dynamic, result driven environment. These contributors need a wide variety and depth of web-related (including associated back end) technical skills and are well organized, self-motivated people with excellent communication skills and experience in a fast-paced web development environment. The ideal candidate for this position must have a thorough understanding of Ruby/Rails programming and have experience building complex web applications. Words that describe you: flexible, enthusiastic, problem solver, hard working.
- Solid understanding of object-oriented programming and design
- Development experience with Ruby, Rails, SQL, JavaScript, CSS 3, HTML 5
- Experience with JavaScript Frameworks
- Experience with DOM manipulation with robust and stable JavaScript applications that rival their desktop counterparts.
- Experience with version control systems such as SVN and/or Git.
- General knowledge of HTTP, web servers and W3C recommendations
- Experience with creating/maintaining web services
- Experience with the UNIX command line
- Experience with Design Patterns, OOAD, evolving a simple script into a larger system through refactoring and Test Driven Development.
Preferred Skills:
- Database proficiency (schema design and queries).
- Experience working within Agile development environments.
- Experience supporting multiple browsers.
The position includes health benefits, paid time-off, and a generous salary. If you are interested please do follow up with a word copy of your resume. From there we can continue on to the next step in our hiring process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you!
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