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Get the SoftLayer product packages that can be used to order custom monthly bare metal servers
import os
import pprint
import SoftLayer
client = SoftLayer.Client(username=os.environ['SLUSERNAME'], api_key=os.environ['SLAPIKEY'], endpoint_url=SoftLayer.API_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT)
mask = 'id, name, description, type.keyName,, items.description, items.categories.categoryCode'
# We only want pkgs that include a server category because there are some older packages without a server category
# that can not be used any more.
filterStr = {
"items": {"categories": {"categoryCode": {"operation":"server"} } },
"type": {"keyName": {"operation":"BARE_METAL_CPU"} },
# Due to the properties used in the mask and filter, this call takes a while, about 20 seconds.
pkgs = client['Product_Package'].getAllObjects(mask=mask, filter=filterStr)
# Delete the full list of items for each pkg and add in just the server item descriptions, so it is easier
# to see what processor models are available in each pkg.
for p in pkgs:
for i in p['items']:
for c in i['categories']:
if c['categoryCode'] == 'server':
if not 'server' in p: p['server'] = []
del p['items']
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