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import pyglet
from pyglet.window import key
from time import time, strftime, localtime
running = False
begin, now, total = 0, 0, 0
size = (320, 240)
format = "%.2f"
window = pyglet.window.Window(size[0], size[1], caption="Stopwatch", \
label = pyglet.text.Label('0.00', font_size=36,
x=window.width/2, y=window.height/2,
anchor_x='center', anchor_y='center')
def on_key_release(symbol, modifiers):
global now, begin, running, total
if symbol == key.SPACE:
if not running:
running = True
begin = time()
running = False
now = time()
total += now - begin
if symbol == key.BACKSPACE:
total = 0
begin = time()
running = False
def on_draw():
def update_time(dt):
global now, begin, total
if running:
now = time()
label.text = format % (now - begin + total)
label.text = format % (total)
pyglet.clock.schedule_interval(update_time, 0.01)
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