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Last active June 19, 2023 09:31
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Convert profiles command output to json and parse for duplicates
#!/usr/bin/env python3
#In order to run this, you must run the script with sudo, as the profiles command requires sudo.
#This is only tested on macOS Ventura, but I believe will work on macOS Monterey. I believe thats when plutil gained -convert json
#output will look like this
import os
import subprocess
import json
cmd = '/usr/bin/profiles -P -o stdout-xml | /usr/bin/grep -v "configuration profiles installed" > /Users/Shared/allprofiles.xml; /usr/bin/plutil -convert json /Users/Shared/allprofiles.xml -r -o -'
profiles_bytes =, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout
profiles_string = profiles_bytes.decode()
profiles_json = json.loads(profiles_string)
list_of_keys = []
list_of_dupes = set()
for profile in profiles_json["_computerlevel"]:
print("Profile Display Name: " + profile["ProfileDisplayName"])
for items in profile["ProfileItems"]:
print("Payload Domain: " + items["PayloadType"])
for key,value in items["PayloadContent"].items():
if key == "PayloadContentManagedPreferences":
for k,v in items["PayloadContent"]['PayloadContentManagedPreferences'].items():
for mcx in items["PayloadContent"]['PayloadContentManagedPreferences'][k]['Forced']:
for mcx_k,mcx_v in mcx['mcx_preference_settings'].items():
print("\t[ManagedPreferences]: MCX: {}, Key: {}, Value: {}".format(k,mcx_k,mcx_v))
if key in list_of_keys:
print("\tKey: {}, Value: {}".format(key,value))
if key in list_of_keys:
if len(list_of_dupes) > 0:
print("----{} Duplicates Found---".format(len(list_of_dupes)))
for dupe in list_of_dupes:
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WardsParadox commented Jan 17, 2023

You can skip the conversion and use Plistlib as profiles can also output Plist (using stdout), not just standalone XML. Save you some steps and imports.

But otherwise, nice! Added this to my scripts :)

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