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script to demonstrate basic python-superfastmatch pairwise comparison of all documents in a collection
from superfastmatch import client
import uuid
sfm_client = client.Client(url='')
class Document():
def __init__(self,title_string,content_string):
self.doc_id = uuid.uuid4()
self.title = title_string
self.content = content_string
self.near_neighbors = []
documents = [doc_1,doc_2,doc_3]
for doc in documents:
sfm_client.add( 1, doc.doc_id, doc.content, title=doc.title)
for doc in documents:
sfm_doc = eval(sfm_client.get(1,doc.doc_id))
comp_list = []
for other_doc in sfm_doc['documents']['rows']:
shared = 0
for frag in other_doc['fragments']:
shared += frag[2]
except KeyError:
#this takes the top ten, but you could also do something more clever
comp_list = sorted(comp_list,key=lambda x: x[1],reverse=True)[0:10]
for i in range(min([len(comp_list),10])):
other_doc_id,s = comp_list[i]
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