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jitsu deploy
info: Welcome to Nodejitsu
info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info: Executing command deploy
info: Analyzing your application dependencies in app.js
warn: Local version appears to be old.
warn: Your package.json version will be incremented for you automatically.
warn: About to write /Users/bobmayo56/Documents/MayoPrivate/proj/nlogn1/web/package.json
data: {
data: scripts: { start: 'app.js' },
data: subdomain: 'nlogn1',
data: dependencies: {
data: connect-mongo: '0.1.9',
data: request: '2.9.100',
data: eyes: '0.1.7',
data: nodemailer: '0.2.3',
data: crypto: '0.0.3',
data: urban-airship: '0.2.4',
data: hooks: '0.1.9',
data: cron2: '0.1.8',
data: vows: '0.6.3',
data: mkdirp: '0.2.1',
data: boxcar: '0.9.6',
data: jade: '0.17.0',
data: moment: '1.3.0',
data: timespan: '2.2.0',
data: loggly: '0.3.9',
data: connect: '1.7.3',
data: librato-metrics: '0.0.3',
data: json-template-foo: '0.8.0',
data: underscore: '1.3.3',
data: commander: '0.2.1',
data: colors: '0.5.1',
data: express: '2.5.8',
data: pkginfo: '0.2.2',
data: mongoose: '2.6.8'
data: },
data: env: { SAMPLE_FLAG2: '--cookie oreo', SAMPLE_FLAG: '/flag/groovy' },
data: version: '0.5.3-180',
data: name: 'nlogn1',
data: engines: { node: '0.6.x' },
data: private: true,
data: domains: [
data: '',
data: '',
data: '',
data: '',
data: '',
data: ''
data: ]
data: }
prompt: Is this ok? (yes): yes
warn: Creating new snapshot for version 0.5.3-180
info: Done creating snapshot 0.5.3-180
info: Updating application nlogn1
info: Activating snapshot 0.5.3-180 for nlogn1
info: Stopping app nlogn1
info: App nlogn1 is now stopped
info: Starting app nlogn1
error: Error running command deploy
error: socket hang up
info: Nodejitsu not ok
make[1]: *** [deploy] Error 1
make: *** [deploy] Error 2
Roberts-MacBook-Pro:nlogn1 bobmayo56$
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