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Bob Haupt bobmeister

  • Springville, UT, USA
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bobmeister / challenge.rb
Created Jun 18, 2014
BeQuick Coding Challenge
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# Usage: ruby challenge.rb < dictionary.txt
class String
def insert_unique_four_char_sequences_into_hash(sequences)
tmp = self.dup
while tmp.size >= 4
sequence = tmp[-4..-1] # Last 4 chars
if sequences[sequence]
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HEADS UP! Haml 4.0 has many improvements, but also has changes that may break
your application:
* Support for Ruby 1.8.6 dropped
* Support for Rails 2 dropped
* Sass filter now always outputs <style> tags
* Data attributes are now hyphenated, not underscored
* html2haml utility moved to the html2haml gem
* Textile and Maruku filters moved to the haml-contrib gem
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