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@bobthecow bobthecow/cdd.bash

Created Jun 21, 2010
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Change directories really fast
# Change directories really really fast
# Author: Justin Hileman (
# Installation:
# Add the following function to your `.bashrc` or `.bash_profile`,
# or save it somewhere (e.g. `~/.cdd.bash`) and source it in `.bashrc`
# Usage:
# `cd .....` is equivalent to `cd ../../../..`, i.e.:
# `cd ..` plus one extra dot for each parent directory you want to jump
cdd () {
cd "$(python -c "d='${1}'; print d if d.strip('.') else '.' + '/..' * (len(d) - 1) if d else '${HOME}'")"
alias 'cd'='cdd'
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