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require_once '../Mustache.php';
class MustacheCallTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {
public function testCallEatsContext() {
$foo = new Foo();
$foo->name = 'Bob';
$template = '{{# foo }}{{ label }}: {{ name }}{{/ foo }}';
$data = array('label' => 'name', 'foo' => $foo);
$m = new Mustache($template, $data);
$this->assertEquals('name: Bob', $m->render());
class Foo {
public $name;
public function __call($method, $args) {
return 'unknown value';

If mustache tests for the presence of a method in the current context with is_callable(), __call will always win. It trumps anything in the parent context -- $label in this case. It also trumps the public $name member variable. The output of this test would be:

unknown value: unknown value

Which is obviously not what anyone intended.

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