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Last active Mar 14, 2019
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Update gem conservative for Ruby project


Make sure hub is installed and set up with your user credentials.

./ loofah "Resolves security vulnerability."
set -x
set -o errexit
[ -z "$gem" ] && echo "No gem" >&2 && exit 1
[ -z "$description" ] && echo "No description" >&2 && exit 1
[ ! -d "$projectdir/.git" ] && echo "No git repository" >&2 && exit 1
sed -n -e '/^GEM$/,$p' | sed -n '/^DEPENDENCIES/q;p' | perl -n -e "/^ $1 \((.*)\)$/ && print \$1"
function finish()
cd "$projectdir"
git worktree prune
rm -rf "$tmp"
git fetch
tmp="$(mktemp -d -t "${projectname}-update-worktree")"
git worktree add "$tmp" origin/master
trap finish EXIT
cd "$tmp"
rbenv install --skip-existing
bundled_with="$(grep --after-context=1 --regex='^BUNDLED WITH' Gemfile.lock | tail -n 1 | xargs)"
gem install bundler
gem install bundler --version "${bundled_with}"
# Depending on the update, this sometimes needs a change.
# command=(bundle _"${bundled_with}"_ update --conservative "$gem")
# command=(bundle _"${bundled_with}"_ update "$gem")
command=(bundle _"${bundled_with}"_ update --patch "$gem")
# Check whether the audit checks passes
bundle audit
new_version="$(cat Gemfile.lock | gemversion $gem)"
old_version="$(git show HEAD:Gemfile.lock | gemversion $gem)"
[ -z "$new_version" ] && echo "No new_version" >&2 && exit 1
[ -z "$old_version" ] && echo "No old_version" >&2 && exit 1
commit_message="${gem}: $old_version -> $new_version"
git checkout -b "$branch"
git commit -a -m "$commit_message"
git push origin "$branch"
hub pull-request -m "$commit_message
Note: this PR was automatically created. Please check the changes of this PR and the link provided above.
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