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Bo Herrmannsen boelle

  • Odense, Danmark
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boelle / roller_blind_control.yaml
Created Jan 30, 2021
Esphome code for roller blinds
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# 1) Press button for > 1 second to enter setup mode
# 2) Press button again to start the blind closing
# 3) Press button again when closed and blind starts to open (actually resets the stepper position to 0)
# 4) Press button again when blind is fully open
# 5) Job Done
# Button is also used to open/close the blind (must be fully open/closed first)
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name: Shutter Remote with Ikea Tradfri 2B
description: |
Control a shutter with an Ikea Tradfri two button remote over deconz.
Tested with this esphome code:
Short press on I button will toggle the shutter state.
Short press on 0 button will stop the shutter.
Long press on I button will open the shutter.
boelle / deconz-ikea-five-button-remote-for-lights-with-color-temp.yaml
Last active Feb 13, 2021
deCONZ - IKEA five button remote for lights with color temp
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name: deCONZ - IKEA five button remote for lights with color temp
description: 'Control light entities with an IKEA five button remote (the round ones).
The middle "on" button, toggles the lights on/off.
Dim up/down buttons will change the brightness smoothly and can be pressed and
held until the brightness is satisfactory.