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Last active Dec 18, 2020
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from typing import (
import pytest
class Case(NamedTuple):
name: str
kwargs: Dict[str, Any]
def case(test_case_name=None, **kwargs):
if test_case_name is None:
test_case_name = ' '.join(f'{k}={v}' for k,v in sorted(kwargs.items()))
return Case(test_case_name, kwargs)
def parametrize(*cases: Case):
arg_names = sorted({k for c in cases for k in c.kwargs})
return pytest.mark.parametrize(
[tuple(c.kwargs[a] for a in arg_names) for c in cases],
ids=[ for c in cases],
# Usage:
case("some test case", a=1, b=2, result=3),
case(a=10, b=11, result=21),
case(a=88, b=99, result=88 + 99),
case(a=5, b=7, result=5 + 7),
def test_sum(a, b, result):
assert a + b == result
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