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# Playground to help me figure out how to package horizon
test_horizon-setup() {
mkdir -p $PKGHO/etc/systemd/system/ $PKGHO/{etc/slapt-get/,var,root}
cd horizon
#pip install --root=$PKGHO test-requirements.txt
python install --root $PKGHO
cd ..
mv $PKGHO/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/openstack_dashboard/ $PKGHO/var/www
ln -s /lib/systemd/system/httpd.service $PKGHO/etc/systemd/system/
cp /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc $PKGHO/etc/slapt-get/
cp -a /var/slapt-get $PKGHO/var
rm -r horizon/build
cp -a horizon $PKGHO/root
boot-test() {
mkdir -p $AUFS /tmp/openstack-mem $PKGCTL/etc/wicd/scripts/preconnect
mount -t tmpfs -o size=200m tmpfs /tmp/openstack-mem/
mount -t aufs -o xino=/mnt/live/memory/aufs.xino,br:/tmp/openstack-mem none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:$PKGHO=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:$PKGCTL=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/virtualization-backend.lzm=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/openstack-python.lzm=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/vim-7.4.lzm=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/07-Devel64.lzm=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/02-Xorg64.lzm=ro none $AUFS
mount -t aufs -o remount,append:/mnt/live/memory/bundles/01-Core64.lzm=ro none $AUFS
echo 'echo 0 > /var/tmp/promote_secondaries
mount -o bind /var/tmp/promote_secondaries /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/host0/promote_secondaries' > $PKGCTL/etc/wicd/scripts/preconnect/dhcpcd-lxc
chmod +x $PKGCTL/etc/wicd/scripts/preconnect/dhcpcd-lxc
# If we have tmux we split it to have another window were we can play
pgrep tmux >/dev/null && (sleep 5 && tmux split-window -hd "machinectl login aufs-temp")&
# This should work very nicely if we have libvirtd
grep -q ebtables /proc/modules || modprobe ebtables
if ip addr show dev virbr0 >/dev/null; then
systemd-nspawn --network-bridge=virbr0 -bD $AUFS
systemd-nspawn --network-veth -bD $AUFS
echo "...PREPARING"
mountpoint -q $AUFS && umount $AUFS
mountpoint -q /tmp/openstack-mem && umount /tmp/openstack-mem
[[ -d $PKGHO ]] && rm -r $PKGHO
echo "...TESTING"
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