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David Parker boldfacedesign

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ebidel / imports_timing.js
Last active Mar 24, 2016
HTML Imports Resource Timing performance
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// Know how fast your HTML Imports are.
// - doesn't show sub-import resources.
var imports = document.querySelectorAll('link[rel="import"]');
[], function(link) {
var entries = performance.getEntriesByName(link.href);'=== HTML Imports perf ===');
entries.forEach(function(e) {
console.log(, 'took', e.duration, 'ms');
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Hi Nicholas,

I saw you tweet about JSX yesterday. It seemed like the discussion devolved pretty quickly but I wanted to share our experience over the last year. I understand your concerns. I've made similar remarks about JSX. When we started using it Planning Center, I led the charge to write React without it. I don't imagine I'd have much to say that you haven't considered but, if it's helpful, here's a pattern that changed my opinion:

The idea that "React is the V in MVC" is disingenuous. It's a good pitch but, for many of us, it feels like in invitation to repeat our history of coupled views. In practice, React is the V and the C. Dan Abramov describes the division as Smart and Dumb Components. At our office, we call them stateless and container components (view-controllers if we're Flux). The idea is pretty simple: components can't

boldfacedesign / .exe symlink
Created Jun 4, 2014
Create symlink to executable files
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// sprite mixin that can be used to include a sprite into media queries
// @include get-sprite($map, $sprite, $height, $width, $offset-x, $offset-y, $repeat);
// $map is the name of the sprite map, this is auto-generated as a global
// sass var when you do a (for instance) @import "sprites-x2/*.png"
// ----------
// Example: @include get-sprite($sprites-x2-sprites, logo, false, false);
@mixin get-sprite($map, $sprite, $height: true, $width: true, $offset-x: 0, $offset-y: 0, $repeat: no-repeat) {
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