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Last active February 23, 2016 12:04
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A script to minimize Sketch's exported SVG files safely, using SVGO
# Cleanup SVG files exported from Sketch
# Needs SVGO (install by running 'npm install -g svgo')
if [[ -d $1 ]]; then
svgo -f $1 --pretty --disable=convertShapeToPath --enable=removeTitle --enable=removeDesc --enable=removeDoctype --enable=removeEmptyAttrs --enable=removeUnknownsAndDefaults --enable=removeUnusedNS --enable=removeEditorsNSData
elif [[ -f $1 ]]; then
svgo -i $1 --pretty --disable=convertShapeToPath --enable=removeTitle --enable=removeDesc --enable=removeDoctype --enable=removeEmptyAttrs --enable=removeUnknownsAndDefaults --enable=removeUnusedNS --enable=removeEditorsNSData
echo "Usage: svgmin <file> or svgmin <folder>"
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