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Created January 7, 2020 09:47
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Pesan editor di controller Penulis
public function pesaneditor($id,$paket){
$user= ambilData('users',['id_user'=>$id]);
$data['paket'] = $paket==0?'Standar':'Express';
$editor= ambilData('editor',['user_id'=>$id]);
$data['editor'] = $editor;
$data['harga'] = $paket==0?$editor->hargabiasa:$editor->hargaexpres;
$data['user'] = $user;
$data['cerpen'] = $this->db->query("select * from cerpen where id_penulis = ".$_SESSION['id'])->result();
$check = ambilData('users',['id_user'=>$_SESSION['id']]);
$this->session->set_flashdata('pesan','Saldo tidak cukup');
$_POST['id_user'] = $_SESSION['id'];
$_POST['id_editor'] = $id;
$this->session->set_flashdata('pesan','Berhasil memesan.Jika editor tidak merespon maka dalam 3 hari uang dikembalikan');
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