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Flush Deleted Recordings
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Tell MythTV to truly delete all recordings in the "Deleted" recgroup
# @url $URL$
# @date $Date$
# @version $Revision$
# @author $Author$
# Libraries we'll use
use English;
use Getopt::Long;
use File::Basename;
use Cwd 'abs_path';
use lib '.', dirname(abs_path($0 or $PROGRAM_NAME));
use MythTV;
# Some variables we'll use here
our ($command, $force, $usage);
# Load the cli options
GetOptions('force' => \$force,
'usage|help|h' => \$usage
# Print usage
if ($usage)
print <<EOF;
$0 [options]
Deletes recording files and metadata for all recordings in the Deleted
recording group.
Delete the recording metadata even if the file does not exist. Note that
this option should only be used when all storage is connected to and file
systems are mounted on all your backends. Otherwise, forcing deletion of the
metadata may leave orphaned recording files on unconnected file systems.
This option is primarily useful for deleting metadata for a large number of
recordings after losing a file system or otherwise losing many recording
files. Rather than deleting them one by one using mythfrontend and having to
confirm deletion of each recording when the file is not found, you may add a
bunch of recordings to a playlist, then choose MENU|Playlist Options|Change
Recording Group and add the recordings to the Deleted recording group (create
a new group if necessary--its name /must/ be Deleted and is case-sensitive).
Finally, run this script with the --force option. Note that if you have
enabled the setting, "Auto Expire Instead of Delete Recording," this process
will delete all the recordings you just put into the Deleted recording group
and any others that were in there from normal recording deletion.
Show this help text.
# Check whether to force metadata deletion for non-existent files.
$argument_force = $force ? 'FORCE' : 'NO_FORCE';
# Connect to the backend
my $myth = new MythTV();
# Load all of the recordings
my %rows = $myth->backend_rows('QUERY_RECORDINGS Descending');
# Parse each recording, and delete anything in the "Deleted" recgroup
my $i = 0;
foreach my $row (@{$rows{'rows'}}) {
my $show = $myth->new_recording(@$row);
next unless ($show->{'recgroup'} eq 'Deleted');
print "DELETE: $show->{'title'}: $show->{'subtitle'}\n";
my $delete_command = 'DELETE_RECORDING ' .
$show->{'chanid'} .
' ' .
unix_to_myth_time ($show->{'recstartts'}) .
' ' .
my $err = $myth->backend_command($delete_command);
if ($err ne '-1') {
print " error: $err\n";
else {
# Done
if ($i > 0) {
"Depending on your configuration, it may be several minutes before\n",
"MythTV completely flushes these recordings from your system.\n";
else {
print "No recordings were found in the Deleted recording group.\n";
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