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Laravel elixir remote growling from within a docker container

Laravel elixir 6 remote notifications (Growl) from within a docker container.

In /node_modules/laravel-elixir/dist/Notification.js


var _gulpNotify = require('gulp-notify');


var notify = require('gulp-notify');
var nn = require('node-notifier');
var growlOptions = {
    port: 23053,
    // remote host: auto docker host IP address
    host: require('child_process').execSync("/sbin/ip route|awk '/default/ { print $3 }'", {encoding: 'utf8'} ),
    // remote host: static
    //host: '',
var _gulpNotify = notify.withReporter(function (options, callback) {
    new nn.Growl(growlOptions).notify(options, callback);
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