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How to fork to a private gitlab instance


your git repository can have more than one remote server; In this case we want to have two:

  1. one for our private repository on gitlab (will be the default one, called origin)
  2. one to be connected to the source repo on github, to be able to pull new changes (will be called upstream)

How to make a private fork from github to gitlab

  # 1. clone the github project in your workspace
  git clone

  # 2. rename the remote
  git remote rename origin upstream

  # 3. Create a new repo in gitlab website

  # 4. Add the new origin to your repo

  git remote add origin

  # 5. push to the private repository (track master)

  git push -u origin master

To push to gitlab / master, just use

   git push

To retrieve updates from github, use

   git pull upstream master
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