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Created Oct 21, 2021
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Voting with NFT

1. Register a domain on ENS

Head to this website to register a new domain

2. Create a Snapshot space

  • Go on this page
  • Connect your wallet (the same one used to register the ENS domain)
  • Type the ENS domain on the page and click Next
  • Click on the copy icon to copy the IPNS url
  • Click on "Set record on ENS"
  • Store the IPNS link as TEXT record using "snapshot" key

Video guide: Documentation:

3. Add NFT collection as voting power

  • On the space settings page in the "Strategies" section, click on "Add strategy"
  • Select the strategy "erc712"
  • Change the params "address" with your NFT collection contract address
  • Change the symbol with your NFT collection symbol
  • Click "Save" on the modal
  • Click "Save" on the page

And you are all set!

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