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Last active Jun 27, 2017
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Jun 25 2017

Interested in becoming friendly with local crows after reading stories and first hand accounts. Obtained peanuts. Later, found grackles, but not crows. They're smaller and travel in larger flocks. Were not very interested in peanuts. They have irridescent blue heads. Curious if the small blue glass left in my garden is from the crows?

Squirrels like peanuts too. I threw a peanut towards an squirrel and it bounced off him. It did not phase him. He ate the peanut.

Jun 27 2017

After a positive ID on the grackles, eye is sharp for crows. Positive ID confirmed this morning in back yard via caws and large wingspan. No contact yet, but optimistic. We have found ourselves with an abundance of unfavorable cat food. Likely crow food.

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