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Project Page

  • Client side route that displays projects that are stored in the database
  • Each project should conditionally render a name, description, thumbnail, website, date complete and a tag. Many of the fields are optional, only show properties that aren't null.
  • Include a link to GitHub that opens in a new window
  • Add your name at the top of the page
  • Use Sagas for API requests to your server

Admin Page

  • Client side route that displays a form allowing you to add a new project to your portfolio
  • Include a drop down menu with a list of tags
  • Send data to the server and notify the user of success or failure
  • List projects by name and allow the user to delete them
  • Include a button that navigates to the project page

General Tasks

  • Commit your code frequently! You should have at 15+ commits on a project of this size. Use branches to help break down your features.
  • Comment your code.
  • Update this README to include a description of the project in your own words.

Stretch Goals

  • Use the GitHub API to get user information to display at the top of the page
  • Improve styling on the page using Material UI
  • Include a form on the admin page for adding new tags
  • Implement additional features of the GitHub API

Portal-ready Markdown

Final Grading Ruberic:

Functional Requirements Complete?
SELECT of project has a JOIN to tags no
Initial Display shows all projects no
Project has name & conditionally shows all other properties no
Project image displays image as one of the properties no
Admin form adds a new project no
POST of project allows for optional fields no
Admin form lists all projects with option to delete no
Delete removes project from database no
Sagas used for calls to server no


Notes on items above.

General Items Complete?
More than 15 git commits no
Commits are descriptive of the changes made or feature added no
Readme file updated no
Appropriate amount of code comments no
Code is consistently formatted no
Good use of React Components no
Good use of Redux (where appropriate) na/yes/no


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