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Reasons I like Golang

For my own reminders...


  • Go is fun, like python fun.
  • Structs are fun, easy to use
  • maps are fun, easy to use
  • Pointers, references act as you'd expect them to
  • Duck typing, static typing mix
  • Feels expressive, like python. Compiled and fast, like C++
  • "Warm Fuzzy Feeling" when your program compiles, and just works

Standard Library

  • Has HTTP built in, first class citizen (this is easily my favorite)
  • HTTP server is fast, production ready, embedded
  • crypto is built in (aes, des, ssl, etc.)
  • generic db driver built in (extended through third party interfaces)
  • Go routines are cool, although I don't know much about them yet.
  • xml, json encoding work great

Library Tools

  • Built in testing (and test running)
  • Built in dependency management (go get, go install...)
  • Feels like python (go run program.go)
  • Feels like compiled (go build program.go)
  • Cross platform tools cooked in (windows, linux, x86/x64, arm)
  • Static binaries! Distributable, so cool (and convenient)
  • Benchmarking & Profiling
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