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Creating a Swift-ReactNative project


  1. Create a project in XCode with the default settings
    • iOS > Application > Single View Application
    • Language: Swift
  2. Under project General settings, add ReactKit to Linked Framework and Libraries
    • + > Add Other... and choose /path/to/react-native/ReactKit/ReactKit.xcodeproj
  3. Now ReactKit would have been imported. Link it by choosing it from the list.
    • + > lib.ReactKit.a
  4. Under project Build Settings,
    • Linking > Other Linker Flags : Add -all_load
    • Search Paths > Header Search Paths:
      • Add /path/to/react-native
      • Enable recursive
    • Swift Compiler - Code Generation > Objective-C Bridging Header
      • Set to ProjectName/ProjectName-Bridging-Header.h
      • We will create this file in later part
  5. Under project Info settings,
    • Remove property Main storyboard file base name
  6. Delete file Main.storyboard from XCode and Confirm Remove Reference



Use this as the function body for didFinishLaunchingWithOptions replacing

  1. <AppFileName>.js - Your JS entry point where you'll register the Application.
  2. <AppName> - The name you use in <AppFileName> in AppRegistry.registerComponent to register the application.
// initialize the rootView to fetch JS from the dev server
let rootView = RCTRootView()
rootView.scriptURL = NSURL(string: "http://localhost:8081/<AppFileName>.includeRequire.runModule.bundle")
rootView.moduleName = "<AppName>"

// Initialize a Controller to use view as React View
let rootViewController = ViewController()
rootViewController.view = rootView

// Set window to use rootViewController
self.window = UIWindow(frame: UIScreen.mainScreen().bounds)
self.window?.rootViewController = rootViewController

return true


Add this override to ViewController if you don't want the top time-bar of ios to be visible in your Application.

override func prefersStatusBarHidden() -> Bool {
	return true


This file imports react-native(Obj-C) classes to be used in your swift application. Create a header file named ProjectName-Bridging-Header.h (in the same directory as AppDelegate.swift) and paste the contents generated by the following script

find /path/to/react-native/ReactKit -name "*.h" | awk -F'/' '{print "#import \""$NF"\""}'


The bare minimum stuff

var React = require('react-native');
var App = module.exports = React.createClass({ render() { /* ... */ });
React.AppRegistry.registerComponent('<AppName>', () => App);

Getting started


  • APPDIR = Directory which contains '<AppFileName>.js'
  • NODE_MODULES_DIR = usually '$APPDIR/node_modules' if you use other libraries in your app

Starting the App

  1. cd /path/to/react-native
  2. ./packager/ --root $APPDIR --root $NODE_MODULES_DIR
    • Note: DONOT use $NODE_MODULES_DIR if you don't have any node_modules
  3. Build the App from XCode and everything should work just fine.

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BilalBudhani commented Jan 6, 2016

This is great. Thanks for sharing. 👍


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tkfeng commented Jan 9, 2016

Can someone update this file? After following through with the instruction, I have the following red screen of death message: Unable to execute JS call: __fbBatchedBridge is undefined


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joshuapinter commented Mar 24, 2016

Typo: "ProjectName-Briding-Header.h" should be "ProjectName-Bridging-Header.h"


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ryanwalker commented Mar 1, 2017

Where can ReactKit be found?


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anddygon commented Apr 10, 2017

Where can ReactKit be found? +1 @boopathi


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aks5686 commented Oct 6, 2017

where in my mac is "/path/to/react-native" ?


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jacobkrahn commented Apr 11, 2019

@boopathi Where is "/path/to/react-native"?


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ios-dev-kindredgroup commented Nov 29, 2019

ReactKit has nothing to do with React Native!

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